company history


INFAMED K, the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company of the Kaliningrad Oblast’ founded



Modern manufacturing facility compliant with current Russian and EU GMP commissioned


Commercial manufacture of Myramistin® solution for cutaneous use 0.01% launched



Commercial manufacture of Okomistin® eye, aural and nasal drops 0.01% launched


Manufacturing processes certified according to GMP standards



Manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients launched


Start of pharmaceutical digital marking



Pharmaceutical quality system processes digitalized by enforcing e-document flow

Инфамед К

mission and values

INFAMED K philosophy is based on solid approach to the product quality, special care for production, environment, personnel, business partners and patients.
OUR MISSION is to help patients to live healthier lives
OUR VALUES are quality, sustainable development, prosperity of the company and each employee
OUR MOTTO is “Quality is the Key!”
mission and values

Corporate social responsibility

INFAMED K development goes hand in hand with the development of Bagrationovsk town, our employees’ prosperity and caring for the environment. The company carries out corporate social responsibilities by actively participating in charity events at municipal, regional and federal levels, investing into urban environment improvement, promoting healthy lifestyle, helping to arrange festivities for local communities and maintaining high ecological production standards.
Социальная ответственность Инфамед К


INFAMED K is conscious of its environmental responsibility and caring attitude for natural resources. We strongly believe that high product quality shall not be achieved at the cost of negative impact on ecosystems.
Our facilities are equipped with fine cleaning systems for ventilation emissions, which ensure complete removal of harmful and polluting substances from the air emitted into the atmosphere. Carbon neutrality principle is at the heart of our operations.
INFAMED K receives water from its own wells, after the use of water in production, it undergoes several stages of purification and treatment and returns to nature in the form of waste water of a higher quality than when it is received. Production effluents are treated to meet regulatory requirements for water bodies of fisheries significance.
The solvent used in the production process of the active pharmaceutical ingredient is regenerated, allowing it to be used in a new production cycle instead of being disposed of.
The utilities are equipped with noise-absorbing and noise-suppressing means to minimize the impact on the surrounding area.
INFAMED K complies with the requirement for extended producer responsibility (EPR) for the disposal of packaging materials and implements measures to reduce the amount of waste generated.
Digitalization of the pharmaceutical quality system processes reduces the company's carbon footprint and reduces the need for paper.

Urban environment improvement

INFAMED K takes an active part in the improvement of municipalities of the Kaliningrad Oblast’, primarily the town of Bagrationovsk. Among all the charitable and sponsorship projects for the development and arrangement of playgrounds, parks, stadiums, embankments and museum complexes in which the company has taken part, we are especially proud of the gasification, repair and improvement of the territory of the Church of St. Faith, Hope and Love in Bagrationovsk. Now it is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in the Kaliningrad Oblast’, a popular tourist attraction and a decoration of the town, that pleases its residents. The renovation of Georgenburg Castle in Chernyakhovsk is currently underway for the Chernyakhovskaya Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Promoting healthy lifestyle

INFAMED K is an official sponsor of the Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization “Football Club” “Svoboda”. The company continuously provides sponsorship to the Gambit chess club of the Bagrationovsk Cultural Center in holding chess tournaments and festivals and equipping the club, as well as periodic assistance to the various children's and youth creative groups.

Arranging festivities

INFAMED K supports festivities and patriotic events at municipal and regional level e.g., organization of fireworks at New Year’s and Bagrationovsk City Day celebrations, musical accompaniment of the Immortal Regiment procession, military-patriotic songs festival, February 23rd, Baltic Fleet anniversary. We try to take an active part in important events in Bagrationovsk municipality, where about 70% of our employees live.

Creating conditions for professional development

INFAMED K cooperates with the leading Oblast’ university – Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, where company employees undergo professional training and whose graduates are invited for internship in the quality or production units. Cooperation in the scientific and educational sphere includes joint scientific researches, participation in scientific conferences and exhibitions.
Apart from the possibility to get professional education at the company's expense, our employees get continuous training at the company and in training organizations of Russian Federation and EAEU countries to follow rapidly changing trends of the industry. In-house training is provided by qualified company specialists and third-party organizations, such as the National Confederation of Contamination Control Societies ASINCOM. For additional training, employees of INFAMED K are sent to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kaluga, visit pharmaceutical production facilities in other Oblasts of the Russian Federation.
This approach allows to establish and maintain contacts with the professional community and share experiences on the implementation of the best production management practices.